Boy’s Letter

歌:JYJ (ジェジュン、ユチョン、ジュンス)



JJ 僕しか知らない少女があります。

JS エゴなバカみたいな私に

ありがとう 愛してる 言ってくれて 涙が出

今からは僕が君の空になろう 君がきらめき輝けるように

YC 僕と永遠に愛し合ってくれる?



YC 自分しか知らないここに僕があります。

JJ 君が笑って泣いていたのも 僕は知らなくて・・・

ありがとう 愛してる 言ってくれて 涙が出

今からは僕が君の空になろう もう涙は流せない

JS 私と永久に愛し合ってくれる?
僕の唯一の光は 君なんだ。私に。。。


YC 空と光の手が見つめあう時

JJ 僕とここにいてくれる?
忘れない 全ての空の 歌になり
YC 目を閉じ 思い出しても もう疲れないように
JS 愛してくれて 僕を信じてくれて ありがとう


YC 愛し合うほどもっと明るくなる星

JS Woo もう~ Woo
JJ お互いの体温を信じ、熱い太陽になり
JS 忘れない 全ての空の 歌になり
YC 目を閉じ 思い出しても もう疲れないように
JS 愛してくれて、僕を守ってくれて ありがとう

JJ 今からは僕が君の空になろう



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  1. c00kie


    • Shuheilove

      Absolutely beautiful indeed. JYJ3 admins., girls, you’re doing a great job. ¡Thank you very much!

  2. anva

    Thank you JJ, JYJ make the beautifull song for us,your fans… I love you !!!!! you really touch my heart!

  3. kris

    Very beautiful song!
    Junsu’s high notes here are comparable to his Bolero and Love in the Ice performance, or even more. This is another proof that JYJ is really the soul of the authentic TVXQ,seems I’m listening to TVXQ ballad, but according to my friends, this is even more beautiful because all the voices in this song are amazing though different from each other, but no weak voice, no squealing that hurt the eardrums (well it depends on personal preferences so no offense please for those stalkers and troll).
    Thank you JYJ for giving us another very beautiful song…

    • jiji-sama

      Agree….100% and more!

      previously as 5 they sound great
      but as 3 now, they sound AMAZING!!!
      there’s no holding back to accommodate
      the weaker link, esp In Heaven…

      JYJ Rulez Forevar!!! ♥


    why i feel this song is jyj dedicated to fans? the lirycs,the meaning?;_____;,thank you jyj,we always love you,protect you beside u,and believe in you!

    • me4micky

      i think so dear 🙂

      as we know JYJ really love their fans

      it’s so rare seeing idols (nope they’re not idols anymore but musician XD) feeling so grateful by their fans and never forget their fans

      they even show it through their song..their self-composed song!!!

      you can tell that they love us so much

      and of course we love them so much too

      that’s what makes us JYJ’s fans so special among others :’)

  5. Tania

    The song is so beautiful!
    ANd the lyrics are precious! Jaejoong is without doubt a very special person! Thanks for the beautiful lyrics Jae ❤

  6. AKillJoy

    JJ. I have so much love for this man. The woman who gets to have him is so lucky!

  7. Jaejoong's nyx

    count me in. I think they dedicate this song to fans too. I love the part when it was sung ‘will you love me forever?’

    ah~ I’m feeling it T-T

  8. Cant wait for fanvid with english sub to enjoy the song even better.

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