1. Bluefyre

    Everyone note that this was from almost 10 years ago, but the arguments are VERY similar to the JYJ v. SM case.

    Just in case anybody’s wondering ^^

  2. How the hell is 400 million dollars the total investment for (DBSK) JYJ? When SME didn’t even have upto 10 million when DBSK were trainees. That there screams bondage for a life sentence. And knowing that (before the ridiculous 13-15 year contracts existed) the law has repeatedly asked SME to change their contracts (though the contracts back then was only 5 years max) which still had unfair clauses, there is no excuse for JYJ’s contract. This is what Junsu’s dad was talking about in the meeting with fans. That the law already said to change their contracts not once but also when No Min woo filed for unfair contract as well. Please help SME stans with this informative news.

    • They already know love, they just want to keep closing their eyes towards reality. They don’t even have the solidarity or intelligence to figure out that they have immense power over SM because they are the customers and it is their money that pays for the functioning of this company. Many others go to JYJ Files to call us liars and that our site is silly and full of stories. If they want to believe something we can’t force them to think otherwise.

      • I’m also no longer MIA2 but rather retrokim??? I had my sister help. Who knows what she was thinking?

      • JYJfan

        I am a bit lost. Why are the people from JYJFiles calling the people on this website liars? I thought we were on the same side and put out the same information.

  3. And also to counterclock HM/SME stans, SME revised DBSK’s contracts 5 times from 03-09. But not to improve the contract but to add more unfair, unethical and disadvantaged clauses to the contracts. How does that spell change? So it is very likely JYJ did ask SME several times like they claimed but SME, like a brick wall, overlooked that. Probably thinking no artist will dare file a lawsuit against after that model/

  4. imagine8

    & SM did nothing about it & they ALLOWED them to not do anything about it by keeping silent?!?!? WHYYY

    & thankkk youuu for doing a summary :):) it is greatly appreciated

  5. maddy

    The fact that SM has continued to flout the law time and time again is just staggering. It pisses me off that they can seemingly ignore the courts when they see fit.

  6. lamandit

    that is first good news for today….
    we can see that one by one all arguement that SM use is fallin down…..
    well done…

  7. eljay

    Thank you for this concise summary. The question begs; what investment costs did they incur for training DBSK? My understanding is that DBSK ultimately paid for everything many times over and this came after they paid for their dancing, singing/vocal lessons and whatever else while still trainees.

  8. shuheilove

    Summarizing, SME’s contracts are unfair and against S.Korean laws. And they have been refusing to obey the court rulings on this issues for a very long time. One can’t help to wonder: ¿Why? ¿Who is sponsoring and supporting SME from the shadows?

  9. MyJJ

    I’m done with SM bulshit .. I just want that our JYJ breaks any kind of relation with that company … *praying for the lawsuit to end soon*

  10. esther

    yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! woohooo!! Awesome! Let SM pay it all!! They should pay TVXQ all the money that they should get! I bet SM took like 95% of the money earned by TVXQ! THey need to bring that money out and give it back to TVXQ who worked hard! There is slowly justice rising in Korea. I hope someone brings down Lee So Man one day. Dear god, please let that man rot in hell already!

  11. starry

    Hmmm, I wonder if this particular lawsuit/judgement was ever mentioned during JYJ’s court case? I hope both jyj’s lawyers and the judges are aware of this.

  12. yajae

    tq admin for the summary!you guys are the best ever:)!~heh:D

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